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Historical observations data available on MSC GeoMet

GeoMet-OGC-API provides access to climate data (normals, daily, monthly, hourly, and stations). With this data, users can build mobile apps, create interactive web maps, and display and animate climate data layers in desktop software.

Access to the geospatial web services

Historical observations data is available via OGC-API Feature collections in GeoMet-OGC-API.


The usage overview page provides generic information on using OGC services with desktop software, mobile apps, interactive web maps and direct access. Please refer to the raw vector data accesstutorials and the OGC-API Features technical documentation for a detailed description of the API and data access examples via Python and QGIS.

Available feature collections

The following historical climate observation data collections are available via GeoMet-OGC-API:


The MSC GeoMet services are operational 24/7. User support is provided on a best-effort basis during normal business hours. If you have any questions about these services, please contact us.

Announcement mailing list

We encourage users to subscribe to the GeoMet-Info announcement mailing list to be informed of enhancements and changes to the MSC GeoMet services.