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This page presents the available tutorials according to different standards either; WMS, WCS and OCG API, see links below:

Interactive visualization

MSC AniMet
  • Display data on an interactive map
  • Create and share custom animations
Access and use data in QGIS desktop software
Create interactive maps
  • OpenLayers
  • Leaflet
Query WMS services in Python with OWSLib
  • Case Study: Expected Profits According to Precipitation Probability
  • Create tables and graphs

Raw vector data access

Use OGC API - Features in QGIS
  • Add, make requests to OGC API - Features layers.
Make OGC API - Features requests from Python with OWSLib
  • Case study: monitoring water levels at hydrometric stations
  • Create time series and interactive maps

On the command line

Use GDAL to extract data from Geomet-Weather's Web Coverage Service (WCS) endpoint