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Tutorial: using OGC API - Features data in QGIS

Adding OGC API - Features data from MSC GeoMet to the free and open source QGIS desktop software:

  1. In the menu bar, choose: Layer - Add Layer - Add WFS Layer:
  2. Add a new connection
    • Click on to add a new connection
    • Choose a name for the service and write it in the Name box
    • Enter the URL of the geospatial web service: https://api.weather.gc.ca/ in the URL box
    • In the Option WFS box at the Version line, select
    • Click on OK
  3. Click on for a list of available layers
  4. Build a query (optional step)
    • Click on to build a query and filter the data to be displayed
    • Building a query using the Fields, Values and Operators panels
    • Validate the query by clicking on
    • Click on OK
  5. Click on to display the layer

Please refer to the OGC API - Features section for more details on this standard.

Animated example of OGC API - Features layer in QGIS:

Adding OGC API - Features data