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MetNotes data

MetNotes are a geo- and time-referenced, free form polygon product issued by MSC that complement today’s location-based dissemination systems. The concise text of a MetNote (similar to a Tweet) is consistent with communication today where people are seeking information at a glance. Meteorologists will issue a MetNote to add contextual and/or impact information to complement the public forecast that is valid over a specific area, for a specific time range.

These notes are also available on WeatherCAN app.


How to access the data

This data is available on the MSC Datamart data server services as well as MSC GeoMet:

An overview and examples to access and use the Meteorological Service of Canada's open data is available.

Example of a web map configured to display the METNOTES layer served by MSC GeoMet:


The end-user licence for Environment and Climate Change Canada's data servers specifies the conditions of use for this data.

MSC Open Data Service Usage Policy

The MSC Open Data Service Usage Policy determines what constitutes an acceptable use of MSC Open Data services and provides users best practices for optimal use.



Technical documentation