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Data and Products of the Regional Air Quality Deterministic Prediction System

The Regional Air Quality Deterministic Prediction System (RAQDPS) carries out physics and chemistry calculations to arrive at deterministic predictions of chemical species concentration of interest to air quality. Chemical constituents include O3, SO2, NO and NO2, gases as well as fine particulate matter PM2.5 (2.5 micrometers in diameter or less) and coarse particulate matter PM10 (10 micrometers in diameter or less). Predictions are available from the current day out to 72 hours into the future. Geographical coverage is the North American domain. Data is available at a horizontal resolution of 10 km. While the system encompasses 84 vertical levels, data is available only for the surface level. Predictions are performed twice a day.


How to access the data

This data is available from the MSC GeoMet API / web services and the MSC Datamart data server:

An overview and examples to access and use the Meteorological Service of Canada's open data is available. Example of a web map configured to display the RAQDPS.SFC_NO2 layer served by MSC GeoMet:


The end-user licence for Environment and Climate Change Canada's data servers specifies the conditions of use of this data.

MSC Open Data Service Usage Policy

The MSC Open Data Service Usage Policy determines what constitutes an acceptable use of MSC Open Data services and provides users best practices for optimal use.




  • Maps of 48 hours forecasts for tropospheric ozone near the surface and at altitudes of 50 metres and 500 metres, and for PM2.5 and PM10 near the surface.
  • For-panels maps forecasts for PM2.5, PM10, and ozone near the surface and for ozone at 500 metres.

Technical documentation


The chronology of changes to operational systems is available in the changelog.