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Hydrometric observations data

Real-time hydrometric data

Real-time water level and flow (discharge) data collected at over 2100 hydrometric stations across Canada (last 30 days).

Historical hydrometric data

Historical hydrometric data are standardized water resource data and information. They are collected, interpreted and disseminated by the National Hydrological Services (NHS) in partnership with the provinces, territories and other agencies through the National Hydrometric Program. These data sets include daily mean, monthly mean, annual maximum and minimum daily mean and instantaneous peak water level and discharge information for over 2700 active and 5100 discontinued hydrometric monitoring stations across Canada.

Hydrometric monitoring stations

A station is a site on a river or lake where water quantity (water level and flow) are collected and recorded.


How to access the data

The data is available from the MSC GeoMet API / web services and on the MSC Datamart data server:

An overview and examples to access and use the Meteorological Service of Canada's open data is available.


The end-user licence for Environment and Climate Change Canada's data servers specifies the conditions of use of this data.

MSC Open Data Service Usage Policy

The MSC Open Data Service Usage Policy determines what constitutes an acceptable use of MSC Open Data services and provides users best practices for optimal use.


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