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Data and Products of the Global Ensemble Wave Prediction System (GEWPS)

The Global Ensemble Wave Prediction System (GEWPS) uses the third generation spectral wave model WaveWatch III® (WW3) to arrive at probabilistic predictions of wave elements from the current day out to 16 days into the future. The probabilistic predictions are based on 20 ensemble members and a control member that are forced by the 10 meters winds from the Global Ensemble Prediction System (GEPS). The GEPS forecast is a coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean model, its sea ice forecast is used by the GEWPS to dampen or suppress wave growth in areas covered respectively with 25% to 75% and more than 75% ice.

WW3 (WAVEWATCH III® Development Group, WW3DG 2019) is a third generation spectral wave prediction model that solves the evolution of the energy balance equation for the 2-D wave energy spectrum without any prior assumptions on the shape of the spectrum. The WW3 model has been implemented by a growing number of national operational forecasting centres over the last several years.


How to access the data

The data are available on the MSC Datamart data server services:

An overview and examples to access and use the Meteorological Service of Canada's open data is available.


The end-user licence for Environment and Climate Change Canada's data servers specifies the conditions of use of this data.

MSC Open Data Service Usage Policy

The MSC Open Data Service Usage Policy determines what constitutes an acceptable use of MSC Open Data services and provides users best practices for optimal use.



Technical documentation


The chronology of changes to the Global Ensemble Wave Prediction System (GEWPS) is available here.